Drugs and alcohol change the balance of chemicals that help your brain to think, feel, create and make decisions. The drugs and alcohol you use can affect you both now and in the future.

Substance use can have a major impact on mental health. It can alter:

  • mood
  • energy levels
  • sleeping patterns
  • concentration
  • memory and many other things.

Alcohol also reduces inhibitions and impacts decision making, which can lead to us making decisions whilst drinking that we would not normally make sober. It is also linked with:

  • increases in risky behaviour
  • increases in aggression
  • self harm and suicide in people who may already be going through a tough time.

If your substance use is starting to affect things that matter, like your mental health, wellbeing or your friendships, it can be a good idea to talk to someone about your options, such as different ways to reduce or stop your use.

Helpful websites/links:

Sydney Drug Education & Counselling Centre (SDECC) in Manly is a free and confidential service to support young people with problematic alcohol and/or drug use and any associated mental health issues.