While we all feel sad, moody or low from time to time, some people experience these feelings intensely, for long periods of time (weeks, months or even years) and sometimes without any apparent reason. Depression is more than just a low mood – it's a serious condition that affects your physical and mental health, impacting how you think, how you feel, and what you do.

It can be hard to tell the difference between the ups and downs of being a teenager and being depressed. It’s normal to have occasional mood swings and feel irritable or sensitive sometimes.

We all have those days when we just feel 'down'. We usually 'bounce back' with time. Sometimes though, people with depression are not able to pick themselves up from being really down.

Some people describe it as being in a really dark hole that you can't dig yourself out of. These sad or depressed feelings can start to take over our thoughts and enjoyment of life. If being sad and depressed is taking over, and stopping you from being able to go out and do the things you normally enjoy, it's important to talk to someone.

Depression Fact Sheet

Info adapted from BeyondBlue and Blackdog Institute